What is SVT?

The Smart Validator Toolkit (SVT) is an all-in-one validator cockpit that automates the processes of bootstrapping and maintaining Solana nodes. SVT offers analytical capabilities through its dashboard and reporting modules, while also providing alerting and on-chain messaging functionality to keep node operators informed and secure.

SVT is designed for users—both crypto newbies and pros—who wish to be relieved of tedious bootstrapping and maintenance when running a node on the Solana network.

There are 3 node management modes in SVT that offer different functionality:

  • Public: basic monitoring based on the public data from the Solana blockchain.

  • Monitoring: advanced monitoring based on the data collected by our monitoring program that runs on your server.

  • Control: full control enabled by the Agent.

The Public mode is available to you by default. In this mode, you can view the public validator data from the Solana network, such as operational and network performance. See Use the Dashboard for monitoring for details.

The Monitoring mode is enabled by our proprietary monitoring program. This program is installed on your server along with the validator software or on a standalone basis. It collects your server performance data and feeds it into our InfluxDB database. Then, this data is fed into SVT and displayed on the Dashboard. See Use the Dashboard for monitoring for details.

The Control mode is enabled by the Agent, our proprietary program installed on your server to handle validator deployment and maintenance. It provides you with full access to your validator node and allows you, for example, to install and update the validator software, restart and stop your validator node. See Control your validator for details.

Actual screens may slightly differ from the screenshots in this documentation.

SVT supports only the following OS:

  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04

  • Linux Ubuntu 20.04

  • Linux Ubuntu 22.04

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