Connect your wallet

As long as your wallet is not connected, you are in the anonymous mode. This means you can view only a limited set of validator metrics on the Dashboard. Connect your Solana wallet to access SVT’s extended functionality.

Your wallet will be used to sign on-chain transactions with the Agent. When you connect a wallet, all user settings—for example, a list of validators selected on the Dashboard for monitoring—will be stored locally.

  1. Click Connect Wallet.

  1. Click your wallet in the Connect to a wallet pane.

  1. Log in to your wallet if necessary.

  2. Allow connection to SVT.

  3. Once your wallet has been connected, you will see a confirmation message.

Don't use vote accounts or any other accounts that cannot be used for payments as your wallet address because you won't be able to pay transaction fees and create a channel of communication with the Agent.

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