Install the Agent

  1. Run this command in your CLI:

  1. If the Agent has been installed successfully, you'll see this confirmation:

  1. Transfer at least 0.006 SOL to your Agent account to enable on-chain transactions.

It is advisable to transfer enough SOL to ensure the Agent keeps running without interruption.

The Agent's balance must be topped up on the cluster (Mainnet or Testnet) where your validator operates.

  1. If the transfer has been successful, the Agent will request authorization in the Messenger channel you created. Click Authorize.

  1. After the Agent has been successfully authorized, you'll see this confirmation:

  1. Optional: enter your server’s IP address in IP address to be able to view real-time logs of Docker containers running your commands for the Agent (see View real-time logs for details).

  1. Optional: if you want to start managing your validator node through the Agent, click Control to navigate to the Node Control screen.

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