View and generate reports

SVT includes a reporting tool for generating and viewing reports on how much SOL your validator or any other selected Solana validator earned and spent in a specific period of time. You can also specify how much money has been spent on the server to factor this in the calculation. The generated reports can be saved as PDF and CSV files.

  1. Select a validator for which you want to generate a report, following the steps in Select your validator.

  2. Select Report in the navigation menu.

  3. Specify a reporting period in Date range.

  1. Specify how much money has been spent on the server in Server costs if you want to factor it in.

  1. Use this toggle switch to choose how the SOL/USD exchange rate is applied: each epoch’s rate or the rate of the last epoch for the complete time period.

  1. The summary provides an overview of the validator’s financials for the specified period.

  1. Below the summary you will find a detailed breakdown of the financials by epoch.

  1. Hover your mouse over the graph to view the details for a specific epoch.

  1. Click Save as PDF or Save as CSV to save the generated report as a PDF or CSV file respectively.

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