Enable alerts

To enable alerts for a validator, it must be added to your monitoring list and selected. If it's already in the list, skip to Step 2. If it's already in the list and selected, skip to Step 4.

  1. Add the validator to your monitoring list, following the steps in Add validators to the monitoring list.

  2. Click the node selector at the top.

  1. In the drop-down list, select the validator for which you want to enable alerts.

  1. Select Alerting in the navigation menu.

  2. On the Alerting screen, select a channel for receiving the alerts.

Currently, only Telegram is available. More channels will be added in the future.

  1. Use the toggles to enable alerts for the following events:

  • Delinquency: validator goes delinquent.

  • Commission changed: validator changes commission.

  • Critical level: any validator metric reaches a critical level.

  • Warning level: any validator metric reaches a warning level.

Regardless of the alerting settings, when any validator metric reaches a warning or critical level, SVT will notify you about it by highlighting the metric yellow or red, respectively, on the Dashboard and by displaying a red or yellow notification at the top (see Use the Dashboard for monitoring for details).

  1. Activate the Resolve message toggle to receive a message when an event is resolved.

For example, if you enable the delinquency alert for a validator and it goes delinquent, you'll be alerted about it. By enabling the Resolve message option, you will also be informed when the validator returns to normal operation—that is, when the delinquency problem is resolved.

This feature is available only for delinquency, critical level, and warning level alerts.

  1. Toggle the Send reminders option and select a frequency in the drop-down list to receive regular reminders on the current status of an event after it occurs. The reminders will keep arriving until the event is resolved.

For instance, if you activate the critical level alert for a validator and any of its metrics becomes critical you'll receive the alert. If you also enable the Send reminders option and select 30 minutes, you'll be reminded of the metric's critical condition every half-hour until it returns to a non-critical state.

  1. Click Create to create an alerting subscription for the selected validator.

  1. Log in to your wallet if neccessary and approve the transaction with it. This helps protect your alerting settings from unauthorized access.

  2. Once your alerting subscription has been created, you'll see this confirmation:

  1. Click the Activate button at the bottom to activate your alerting subscription in the channel you selected in Step 5.

  2. Complete the activation procedure in a third-party application (e.g., Telegram).

  1. After you successfully activate the subcription, SVT will show that its status is now active:

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